6 tips to start the day feeling good

A good start to the day is the source of energy to be used all day. Small steps to be taken and made into a habit will allow the day to be productive and allow the person to spare more time for himself.

7 methods that protect against psychological aging!

Like biological aging, psychological aging is considered a normal process. Experts point out that besides living longer, living a better quality of life and the factors affecting it are becoming more important today, experts emphasize that morale is an important determinant in old age.

Seasonal changes cause hair loss

The weather changes we experience during the change of seasons cause many changes in our body. Hair loss, which is one of the problems that can develop due to many factors, from genetic factors to stress, from irregular nutrition to hormonal changes, also manifests itself in seasonal transitions. People who have hair problems, especially during the winter season, also apply to specialists.

Smear test saves lives

In the world, 530 thousand women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year. The Smear Test, which should be done regularly for early detection of cervical cancer, is also of great importance for expectant mothers who want to have a baby.

6 points to consider when starting a diet

The Covid-19 pandemic, which has caused radical changes in our daily lives for about two years, has led to rapid weight gain in many people due to unhealthy diet and inactivity. On top of that, when the metabolism slows down in autumn and the inactivity increases, the interest in pre-winter shock diets increases. But beware!

Don’t waste money on cosmetics!

As a result of the hikes made, people who no longer want to spend money on cosmetics but want to look good on their skin started to look for different formulas. So much so that there are beauty secrets that can be made even with only the ingredients in the kitchen.